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State Inspection in Chantilly, VA

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Improve Vehicle Safety & Driveability

Keeping the Virginia highways and byways safe is the responsibility of every motorist. To be registered in the State of Virginia, every vehicle must pass an annual safety inspection. Any car, truck, van, or SUV without an inspection will be considered unsafe and ineligible for road travel. The operational standards for Virginia vehicles are set by the Virginia State Police Superintendent. High Tech Auto & Truck in Chantilly, VA is an official state inspection facility that carefully analyzes every vehicle system. Our skilled technicians inspect your vehicle to the highest standards of performance. We’re not only making sure you and your passengers are safe, but also every other vehicle on the Virginia highways.

High Tech Auto & Truck is a one-stop shop for all inspection services and any necessary repairs. No matter what condition your vehicle arrives in, it will leave with a passing grade for its inspection. From bumper-to-bumper, your vehicle’s systems are checked thoroughly. You’ll never be surprised by a system malfunction while out on the road. The brakes are the most important safety component and we’ll make sure that your braking system is engaging and disengaging properly. Your brake lights should also be giving other motorists proper alerts. Our technicians make sure signaling devices are always functioning properly before passing inspection.

Complete Inspection Service & Quality Repairs

For official state inspection services that make sure your vehicle’s ready for registration, choose our facility. All auto services are an interruption to your already busy day–even vehicle inspections. Virginia motorists can’t avoid them but we can save as much time and stress as possible. Our team is concerned with your vehicle’s safety and your convenience. We know that you have places to go and people to see, so let us help you get there quickly and safely. We’ll have you in and out in no time. When you bring your vehicle to our shop, we have a professional team that treats you with care and attention your vehicle deserves.

We have certified inspectors on staff and a team of ASE Certified technicians to correct any inspection failures. At High Tech Auto & Truck, we’re serving the customer as well as servicing their vehicle. That means your time and convenience are important to us. There are other state inspection facilities to choose from but we perform services that are quick and accurate. Our inspection services will preserve your vehicle’s overall driveability–including steering & suspension, exhaust system, fuel system, horns, seat belt & airbag readiness. Give us a call today at 703-968-6648 to schedule your state inspection service. Save time by scheduling your appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system.

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Customers who don’t have time to waste will put us in their phone’s speed dial. The answer to any of your questions, concerns, and auto service needs is High Tech Auto & Truck Center. We treat our family of customers’ vehicles like our own. That means we help them avoid costly services altogether. If a repair need arises, you can exhale a sigh of relief no matter what’s happening under the hood. Be confident that the team at High Tech Auto & Truck Center will meet and exceed your service expectations. Give us a call today at 703-721-4827 to schedule your auto service appointment. Save time by using our online scheduling system right now. Choose a day and time that’s most convenient for you and we’ll get the shop ready for your arrival. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop in and meet our specialists. We gladly welcome all walk-ins and look forward to serving you and servicing your vehicle!