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Tire Maintenance, Rotations & Installations

Keep your vehicle on the road by bringing it to High Tech Auto & Truck in Chantilly, VA for any tire repair needs. Just like timely auto services, tire maintenance can prevent dangerous tire blowouts and punctures. Our tire service experts perform tire rotations, tire pressure checks, wheel alignment services, tire balancing, and much more as needed. Quality tire tread is necessary to maintain safe road travel. Let our team stay on top of your vehicle’s tire pressure and alignment to keep tread at optimal levels. These are the two biggest causes for owners failing to get the most use out of their tires. Replacing tires can be very expensive. We prevent you from replacing tires before it’s absolutely necessary. Many drivers think that just because they have a slow leak or a puncture in the tire that the tire must be replaced. Come to our tire repair experts first, and we can often save your tires and save you money!

Tire Sales & Service–The Industry’s Best!

Our selection of premium quality tires will enhance your driving experiences. We provide the industry’s best quality tires for your car, truck, van, and SUV. Our tires can carry you off-road, on-road, and across a variety of terrains. When you come to our shop, our technicians will direct you towards the most appropriate tires for your vehicle. You can be confident in your tire choice and installation. Our customers are always riding on the best when they’re riding on High Tech Auto & Truck tires. We encourage all Chantilly drivers to protect and improve their road travel by trusting our shop for all tire repair and tire sales needs. Preventative tire maintenance will keep you two steps ahead of untimely flat tires and inefficient tire pressure. Drivers who let us take care of their tires will notice better gas mileage and extended road-life for their tires. Our tire pressure monitoring system makes sure you keep riding comfortably.

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Vehicle owners should pay attention to their tires’ condition whenever they take it out for a spin. By monitoring your tires, you’ll be able to recognize other problems that are affecting your vehicle. If the tire tread is wearing down on one side of the tire, then you have an alignment problem. Coming to us for a wheel alignment or a tire replacement will keep you traveling safely. Nothing feels or looks better than a new set of tires on your vehicle. We provide this area’s best counsel for all tire sales and services. You’ll get the best tire repair, replacement or service for your vehicle and your wallet. Call our shop today at 703-947-0978 or visit us at 4007 Westfax Drive for top quality tire service. We gladly accept all of our walk-ins. You can schedule an appointment right now using our convenient online scheduling system.